Get the proper training to become a certified commercial driver with Weaver’s L.L.C.!

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With two towing locations to best serve you!

4735 S. Limit Ave., Sedalia, MO or
1-70 and US65 at the Marshall Junction

Family owned and operated since 1977.


(NOTE: CDL training is available only in Sedalia.)

Commercial Driver’s License Information Steps:

1. Go to your local license office and pass the written test.

2. At your local license office, obtain a hard copy permit.

3. Call us and give us the following information:

4. We will call the state office and make your appointment (Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.). Allow 7.5 hours for the entire program.

5. On the day of your test, come to Don’s Truck Towing & Truck Wash facility at 4735 S. Limit (Hiway 65), Sedalia. The training professional will preview with you and take you through, one-on-one, the the three parts you need to know for your test:

A. Pre-trip on truck and trailer according to state standards.

B. Basic skills and backing maneuvers.

C. Road test - on the road to learn what’s needed to pass your driving test.

6. Our training professional will take you to the Missouri State Fairgrounds to the Missouri State Highway Patrol office to take your test. Classes are available with 6-speed transmissions or automatics and we have just added a School Bus to take your CDL in, as well as a Tour Bus.

See CDL Preparation for more detailed information.

  NOTE: You need to know HOW to drive BEFORE you come see us. State Fair Community College in Sedalia, MO, has a Commercial Driving Academy, if you are looking for a good  “how-to” course.

A few of our trucks with six-speed transmission and our school bus for your CDL training.

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