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Either download the MO CDL Manual or pick one up for free at your local DMV office. Sedalia’s DMV office number is (660)826-3316. Once you are ready to take the test, call your local DMV office for the testing location and dates nearest to you. Once you obtain your CDL permit, call us.

Allow 7.5 hours for the complete program

and call early for your appointment!

On the day of your test, we will help you become familiar with the truck and trailer and its components. You will spend two hours on pre-trip inspection and training.  

From there you will spend another two hours practicing basic skills. We set up traffic cones in our parking lot for you to practice maneuvers, parking, backing, and basic vehicle control.

Then we take you out on the road for you to practice driving. After that, you will go to the Highway Patrol office on the Missouri State Fairgrounds and they will administer your test.

DOWNLOAD the State of Missouri

Commercial Driver License Manual

from the

Missouri DOR Commercial Drivers web page.



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