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We Can Handle It!


At Don’s, our certified drivers specialize in heavy-duty towing, hauling, and recovery. For over 35 years we have been towing trucks, recovering wrecked tractor trailers and all types of heavy equipment along Interstate 70, US65, US50, and all across the state. On occasion we have found ourselves working in other interesting situations, including the lake, a few ponds, a couple of rivers and a quarry!

Our 70-ton heavy duty Rotator has 360 degree rotating capacity, a three-stage boom, and independent 100,000# under lift.

With our 50-ton V100, we will capably tow your heavy-duty equipment, upright overturned equipment, and make the heavy off-road extraction you may need.

Don’s also has air cushions to lift your loaded tractor and trailer.

With two locations to best serve you, one on US65 and the second on I-70, our drivers can get to you promptly!